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Our wooden boot jacks are just what you need to get your boots off with ease without the effort of bending down and wrestling with them or getting mud all over the toes of your favourite socks!

The last thing you need when you come back tired from a long country walk.

Out boot removers are made from reclaimed wood to a simple design, these handy little boot jacks will fit most sized boots and are available in various colours.

Finished with tough floor wax, they are hard-wearing and will take all the wet mud you can throw at them!

Of course, they are not exclusively for use with dirty boots, they can be used with riding boots, motorbike boots, fashion boots etc etc.

They may have started life as a floorboard, pallet, bookcase, or any other wood item. Therefore each item is individual and has its own character, so don't be surprised to find the odd rogue screw-hole or blemish that will give each piece a unique and genuine feel.

Wooden Boot Jack

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