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The aim of this charming wooden puzzle is to balance 10 nails on the head of one!

It sounds impossible, but there is an ingenious solution.

In 1812, during the height of the Napoleonic wars, Captain James Brodie from the Sixth Fusiliers was captured by French forces and imprisoned, charged with spying. Whilst awaiting trial, which would almost certainly have led to his execution, he made a wager with his jailers - He bet that he could balance 10 nails on the head of a single nail; freedom if he won, all his worldly riches to the jailers if he lost. Deeming the task to be impossible, they accepted, Brodie balanced the nails and was released.

How did he do it?

Made from reclaimed timber, the new edition of this wooden puzzle has copper nails, a brass inlay and a beautiful shiny lacquered finish. This beautiful object makes an eye-catching ornament that will spark the curiosity of anyone who sees it. The mystery will keep everyone intrigued until you can reveal the secret which is a beautiful and satisfying solution. 

These wooden brainteasers come packaged with the solution and a scroll which tells the story. 

Wooden Nail Puzzle Brainteaser Deluxe

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